What if…?

Do you recall what Mordecai said to Esther when she told him she was afraid of the king and couldn’t help him save the Israelite’s from mass destruction? His response was, “Do you really think you won’t be affected by this? Who knows, perhaps you have come to your royal position for just such a time as this?”

Their world was in serious trouble. The king had signed a royal proclamation that could not be repealed. Mordecai was distraught with concern for his people. God told him that Esther was the only one who could help.

Mordecai listened to God. Esther listened to Mordecai and knew that it was God who wanted her to take action. So she did.

Our world today is in trouble in many ways. Political turmoil around the world and at home. Natural disasters that leave people homeless and without food and water. Trafficking in the sale of human lives, pornography, and racism. And that is just the beginning.

My first response to all of this is that it is so overwhelming I just want to go back into my house, turn off the TV and the internet, and pretend it isn’t happening.  After all, what in the world could I possibly do?

Well…that’s the question, isn’t it? What if there was something I could do? What if God wants ME to do something? Do I really want to ignore Him or tell Him “No”?(Never really a good idea!)

What if… as Mordecai said to Esther, “Perhaps you are in the position you’re in for such a time as this?” You’re probably thinking, just what position is it you think I’m in? What makes you think I could do something? Well, let’s consider what that might be.

  • Who do you know that you might be able to influence? A friend, a neighbor, your family, your church?
  • Are you a writer or an artist and you can create messages that inspire or challenge people?
  • Do you have the gift of hospitality and could open your home for various groups to hold informational meetings or provide a safe place for a needy person?
  • Are there injustices that just make your blood boil when you hear about them? (That’s called a passion and people with a passion about something that needs to be changed are often being spoken to by God.)

I’m inviting you to engage in a conversation with me about this post. I’d love for you to share what you believe needs to be changed? What is it that is holding you back? Or, what is it you have done or are in the process of doing? Or what ideas came to mind as you read through this post.

What if...you did something that made a difference or what if…your actions resulted in someone else taking an action that makes a difference?

And, What if…you don’t do anything?

What if… you start by responding to one of those last questions? I’m looking forward to joining in that conversation!

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