Purpose Revisited

All blogs have a purpose of some kind. Some function as a journal telling the readers about events both large and small in the writer’s life. Some, have a specific purpose such as, a cooking blog, or a blog about good books to read. Some Blogs are technical and some offer opinions related to current events or issues.

When I started this blog I shared with you that my purpose was to encourage women to be influential. I’v copied a paragraph from that first blog which says:

“This blog is intended to encourage women to think about the ways in which we have influence on those around us, whether its our families, our neighborhoods, our community or our country. We have a role to play. We have influence and we need to give serious thought to the ways in which we can influence those around us for good. We need to think big. We need to believe in ourselves. We need to take action…and we need to do it now.” 

I’ve posted 19 blogs since I first launched this blog. Some of my followers joined me early in this process but several others joined later. I do think its important for readers to know the purpose behind a blog. So, I’m taking this opportunity to bring new followers up to speed with what I hope to accomplish with this blog.

I am very passionate about the issues we face today. I sincerely believe that we all need to take a more active role in addressing those issues. I don’t intend to promote specific actions on these issues but I do want to promote the need to take action. One of the ways I’m taking action is by trying to encourage you, today’s woman, to realize the power of your influence and to encourage you engage that influence.

If you have a real concern about a specific action it is probably something you need do something about.

In the past few days I’ve posted several blogs about women in the Bible. I’ve looked at Ruth, Esther, Jehosheba and and briefly mentioned Bathsheba, Rahab and Tamar. (There will be more about these last three women later). I’ve also posted about women who have lived a life of influence in modern times.

My purpose in posting about women of the Bible so that all of us understand the ways God has used women since the beginning to achieve his purposes. Biblical women weren’t just kept in the background, although that was the cultural expectation. God drew women into the forefront and gave them major leadership roles that were crucial to his plan.

So, if God saw and used the potential of women then, He probably still wants to do that today. When I share about women in modern times, it is intended to encourage you to see how many women there were in history who made important contributions to all facets of society. And to realize that we can make a difference, too.

I’ve always been a firm believer that if someone else could do something, then I probably could too. When a woman finds a cause that needs to be addressed she can accomplish amazing things. So, whatever it is that grabs your heart when you hear about it, you need to stop and think. “I wonder what I could do.”

My blogs will keep coming and I will keep urging you to consider taking action on things you care deeply about. I have a project I am about to start that is a result of these blogs. I’m not quite ready to share what it is with you yet, but hopefully I can do that in a few weeks.

2 thoughts on “Purpose Revisited”

  1. I can’t wait to hear about or read about your “project”. I’m really glad that you reminded me (and others) about the purpose of your blog. I admit that I wait excitedly for each installment. I’ve learned and re-learned a lot by reading and thinking about what you present!

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