Being Bold

Yesterday I shared the story of Achsah who asked boldly for what she needed.  And I also told you about the life of Martha Sperry, who founded a college in Georgia and who once received a donation from Henry Ford for a million dollars because she asked for it.

Today I want to tell you about Freda Lindsay, the child of poor Russian immigrants. Freda learned to work at a very young age and learned to pray for God’s help as a college student who was never sure how she was going to pay her tuition fees. Freda, who had studied theology, married a young minister and the two of them began a ministry together. In 1970, they formed the Christ For The Nations Institute designed to train young ministers.

However, in 1973, Gordon Lindsay died following a massive heart attack. Freda was suddenly on her own and thrust into the role of leading a national ministry with huge obligations. She was also confronted by some of her ministry supporters who demanded that she resign because she was female.

However, Freda knew to ask God boldly for what she needed. Within 11 months supporters had given her $83,000 to pay off the loan on the headquarters building. Freda continued with this ministry, for many years. She oversaw the building of several dormitories, a chapel and an athletic field.  She stayed in this role until 1994 when, at the age of 79, she turned the leadership over to their son.

How did Freda do all of this? She accomplished great things because she had faith in God, faith in the ministry she had chosen and she had learned to approach God boldly and ask for what she needed.

Like Achsah she didn’t just ask for land; she asked for land and a spring. “She grabbed hold of her Father and did not let go until He blessed her with a double portion.” (Fearless Daughters of the Bible.” p. 76 by J. Lee Grady)

Is it possible that there’s an adventure waiting for you but you have been fearful of the challenge? Have you asked boldly for direction and for support? Could God do similar things through you? Is there an issue you have a passionate concern about; like feeding hungry children, sex trafficking, abused women, mentoring troubled kids, or providing water for African villages?

If there is something that just hurts your heart, then do something. That “something” can be as simple as talking to God about it and asking for direction. If He has something for you, He will show you what it is and He will provide what you need.

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