I just Checked a BIG, BIG Item Off My Bucket List8

I have said for years that I wanted to write a book. In my twenties, I started a romance novel…that didn’t get very far! After my kids were grown, I started writing a parenting book. I finished it but it was never officially published.

In January of this year, I started another book. This time I was determined to finish it and publish it. I completed the rough draft by the end of April, and by the first of August I published my first book on Amazon!

It’s a nonfiction book designed to raise awareness of the damage that all of the incivility we are exposed to every day is doing to our families, our communities and our society. You can find it on Amazon in kindle version or in paperback.

The title is: Taking Civility Out of the Box: The Insanity of Incivility and What Can Be Done About It by Barbara Mason Condra.

Are you wondering what made the difference this time? Why was I able to get the book written this time and get it published? Well the difference is that I didn’t try to do it all by myself. This time I had a writing coach and lots of information about how to go about putting the book together. I found a company that was great to work with and provided me the right guidance to get the job done.

That company was Self-Publishing School and if you are seriously considering writing a book, I highly recommend them. You can check them out using the following links:

Link #1 – Https://self-publishingschool.com/how-to-write-a-book/

Link #2 https://selfpublishing.com/self-publishing

If you have questions about the company, please feel free to contact me.

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