David, the Shell by Dorinda the Artist

My next door neighbor is truly a remarkable woman. Two years ago her husband was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma cancer of the brain. They fought that battle for over a year but the cancer finally took his life in early April of 2019. Dorinda and John had a very strong love and were devoted to each other.

John’s death has been very difficult for Dorinda and often excrutiatingly painful. But as strong as their love was for each other, their love for God is even stronger and Dorinda has been an amazing witness to the love, compassion and tenderness God has provided for her through this most difficult time of her life.

Dorinda recently began a blog that I find uplifting and inspiring. Her blogs give you insight into her delightfully playful personality, the depth of her character, and the loving ways in which God has made His presence known to her.

I have copied, with her permission, her most recent blog for your enjoyment. I will also include her blog address so that you can go to her site and follow her posts. You’ll be glad you did!

David the Shell

God is so cute! I say this in the most reverent manner possible.

On this beautiful day, after I spend time MEDITATING in God’s gift to us of His word in the Bible, I go for my morning run along the beach. About halfway through my run I glance down and see a beautiful shell that I know I want to keep. I’m always so grateful when I find a really pretty shell.

I thank God for His amazing creativity and beauty.

Some days the beaches are clean and some days they are littered with shells but often times they’re broken pieces. I reach down and pick up this cute “keeper-shell” and put it in my small pocket that I have on my left sleeve on my running shirt. I finish my run and go about my regular business that I need to attend to for this day.

Thursday, the next day, I decide I must do some laundry. I put the laundry in the wash and then the dryer. When the dryer is finished, I open the door and there before my eyes, on the very front edge of the  dryer compartment is God’s beautiful, mini shell that I found on the beach yesterday. It’s staring me in the face as if to say, “I think you forgot about me!” I can’t help but giggle. I KNOW God put it there.

I had completely forgotten to take my adorable shell out of my pocket on my sleeve. It went through the washer and dryer. God then carefully places it right on the front edge of the machine so I can not miss it. It’s the first thing I see when I open the dryer door. This perfectly made shell by our glorious, wonderful God! He gently displays it right in front me.

Wet clothes tumbling around in a hot, tumultuous dryer compartment are realitively very heavy compared to a tiny little shell. Everything inside is whirling around somewhat violently in the small and hot space. God’s precious, little shell sits happily and beautifully displayed on the very narrow edge of the dryer when I open the door. Not coincidence!

My heart and soul hears God tell me, ” I love you, Dorinda.” 1 Samuel 17

That little shell defeated the laundry! I have now named my shell David and the laundry,  Goliath. God loves you so much! ALWAYS be on the lookout and listen for the many ways God shows His IMMENSE  love for you!


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  1. That was a great reminder that God loves us enough to show up unexpectedly ant time or place!
    Thanks for that “gift”!


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